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Fortune Cat® PVC fiber production base mainly produces chloro fibres for wigs, wigs, chloro fibres for textiles and synthetic fur, and flame-retardant chloro fibres. Among them, the wigs produced by Fortune Cat® and the chloro fibres used for making wigs have received widespread praise from customers.

Wigs are generally divided into two types: synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Among them, although human hair wigs have many advantages such as high authenticity and long service life, due to limited supply of raw materials, their prices are higher than synthetic wigs. The authenticity of wigs made of chloride fibers is becoming closer to human hair, and the market growth rate is faster than that of the human hair wig market.

The unit price of a whole wig is relatively high, it is easy to wear and has a long usage cycle (usually can be worn for more than 6 months); The unit price of hair products is relatively low, and they need to be processed and worn at a hair salon, with a short wearing cycle (usually around 1-2 months). Therefore, hair products are fast-moving consumer goods, and consumers with higher income levels will use and consume hair products for a long time, frequently, and repeatedly.

In the textile industry, due to its ability to withstand strong acids and alkalis and not burn when exposed to fire, polyvinyl chloride fibre is used as an insulation material for filter fabrics, work clothes, and cables in factories. Fortune Cat®'s production of PVC flame retardant yarns, PVC flame retardant fabrics, and finished flame retardant textiles has been widely recognized by customers.

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