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Acrylic Raw Textile Material Plants

Founded in 1979, Fortune Cat® Acrylic Fiber Plants mainly produce acrylic staple fiber and acrylic filament. In recent years, Fortune Cat™ Acrylic Fiber Plants have developed some new products, such as rayon, bamboo fiber, carbon fiber, and various colored yarns. Among them, the production capacity of artificial silk is 160000 tons/year, bamboo fiber is 300000 tons/year, acrylic fiber is 740000 tons/year, carbon fiber raw material is 80000 tons/year, and carbon fiber is 15000 tons/year.

1. Artificial silk

Artificial silk, also known as natural cellulose fibers, is widely used in fields such as knitting, tatting, lining, silk, kitchen and bathroom, velvet, and its fabrics are hygroscopic, breathable, cool, smooth, and skin friendly. According to the types of pulp raw materials (including cotton pulp, wood pulp, and bamboo pulp), production can be carried out according to different customer needs, and 45% of the products are exported to the international high-end market.

Colored rayon, with rich and long-lasting colors, reduces dyeing costs for downstream customers and avoids environmental pollution caused by the dyeing process; Flame retardant rayon, with long-lasting flame retardant function, provides safety protection while being healthy and environmentally friendly; Air conditioning rayon has the function of adjusting temperature, making the skin feel more comfortable, etc.

2. Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fibers are made from high-quality bamboo materials using advanced patented technology, equipment, and environmental control methods. Its fabric has characteristics such as softness and skin friendliness, moisture absorption and breathability, natural antibacterial properties, and rapid degradation. It is a representative of Chinese original fibers with Chinese culture and elements, and is widely used in fields such as knitting, weaving, underwear, bedding, blankets, and non-woven sanitary materials.

The company's bamboo fiber industry has formed a complete industrial chain from bamboo pulp, bamboo fiber, bamboo yarn to terminal clothing.

3. Acrylic fiber

Acrylic fiber is known as “artificial wool”. Its softness, fluffiness, and glossiness are comparable to wool; Due to its high density, its warmth retention is much better than that of wool fabrics. Widely used in cotton, wool, outdoor and other fields.

Fortune Cat® has innovatively developed multiple differentiated acrylic fiber products, such as antibacterial acrylic, super fluffy acrylic, anti pilling acrylic, flat acrylic, and mohair-like acrylic. Among them, differential products such as original solution coloring and anti pilling are sold worldwide. In addition, the company has also developed acrylic filaments, breaking the traditional application model of acrylic fibers; Recycled acrylic fibers have also passed GRS certification.

4. Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is one of the main development directions of China's strategic emerging industries, widely used in aerospace, wind power generation, automotive lightweight, sports goods, pressure vessels, rail transit and other fields.

The company has now become one of the largest production bases for carbon fiber precursors, carbon fibers, and carbon fiber products, integrating research, development, production, and operation. Among them, the market share of raw filament has reached 90%, and the production technology of 25K-50K large tow carbon fibers has been identified to reach the international advanced level.

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