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With a history of nearly 40 years and the most complete silk industry chain, Fortune Cat® integrates silk reeling, silk twisting, silk spinning, silk knitting, silk weaving, silk dyeing, and silk clothing. It is one of the largest silk product research and manufacturing enterprises in China.

Fortune Cat® silk reeling factory has over 7000 square meters of production workshops, cold storage, and other facilities. We have the world's most advanced silk reeling equipment, with an annual processing capacity of over 5000 tons of silk. Our white steam filature has received unanimous praise from customers in terms of color, twist, fineness, evenness, finishing, cleanliness, and shaping. Fortune Cat® has an annual production capacity of 200 tons of tussah silk. Fortune Cat® silk reeling mill mainly engaged in the purchase of large cocoons, silk reeling processing, silk quilt manufacturing, etc. The twisting workshop produces 2000 tons of twisted yarn annually. The main products include tussah silk, white factory silk, twisted silk, silk floss, silk quilts, etc.

Fortune Cat® Silk Spinning Department blends silk spun with other fibers such as cotton and wool, producing 500000 tons of various blended yarns annually.

Fortune Cat® silk weaving production department inherits traditional silk weaving techniques and focuses on producing silk and satin, integrating fabric research and development, weaving, and post-processing. We have 30 rapier looms and prepared supporting equipment. With an annual production of 1.6 million meters of pure silk and satin, and a sales revenue of over 100 million yuan, we are a professional enterprise mainly engaged in the research and production of fabrics such as pure silk, elastic silk, and blended and interwoven fabrics. Our high-quality products and excellent services have been recognized and praised by our customers.

Fortune Cat® silk finishing department has introduced advanced technology and equipment from abroad, equipped with a one-stop production line from refining, bleaching, dyeing, printing, and finishing. The high-end printing and dyeing products produced include 100% silk yarns and fabrics, polyester imitation silk, cotton, artificial cotton, nylon, acrylic, etc. The product quality is in a leading position in the same industry. Mainly engaged in skein dyeing, cone dyeing, fabric dyeing, and printing.

Fortune Cat® Knitted Underwear Production Department mainly produces silk and wool fabrics, and independently develops spandex free high elastic cylindrical fabrics and high count wool fabrics made with circular knitting machines. The annual production capacity of clothing is 800000 pieces, and the annual production of various types of fabrics such as silk or silk blended fabrics is 90 tons.

Fortune Cat® Knitwear Production Department currently has 70 computerized flat knitting machines(ranging from 3G to14G) imported from STOLL, Germany, 5 sets of design systems, 200 sewing machines, and a complete set of auxiliary equipment. It excels in various types of knitted jacquard clothing and focuses on the production and processing of knitted garments. The technical personnel are professional and capable of meeting the market needs of different customers.

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